My story as a photographer

The true story is, I fell in love with photography. I fell in love with the story it tells. I fell in love with the way it captures emotion. I fell in love with everything photography has to offer.

Did I always know I wanted to be a photographer? Absolutely not. I went through a series of different "passions." I put that in quotes because although I may have understood and been interested in the careers I was chasing before, they never brought me genuine joy. That is something else I love about being a photographer - it not only makes me so happy to run around with my clients capturing beautiful images, but it also makes me even happier to be able to offer my clients with moments they can stay in forever through those images. Isn't that what it's all about? Capturing a moment in time that you can look back on and reminisce on no matter how much time has passed. There's something so beautiful about that.

let's get a little more personal...

Hello, my name is Lauren! I am twenty-three years old and I grew up, and still currently live, in the Chicago land area.

A few things that I'm in love with...Jesus, family, friends, the beach, photography and last but definitely not least, my fiancé Trevor. Trevor and I are currently in the thick of all things wedding planning! So fun, yet so stressful lol...wish us luck!

Some of my guilty pleasures are: chocolate chip pancakes, Nicholas Sparks audiobooks ( I often listen to them on my drives to shoots) , any cheesy romcom movie, swimming (with goggles and everything lol), and playing card games for hours!

If I'm not working you can catch me doing any of those things listed above or spending time with the people I love most.

My Goals?

My goal as a photographer is to create timeless romantic photos. I love doing this by capturing the raw and candid moments between my couples, whether that be from a prompt I give them or a sincere, off-script interaction between them. Come wedding day or any session, I will be your biggest hype woman. I want whoever is in front of my camera to know how special, unique, and beautiful (or handsome lol) they are! I am all about giving my clients flexible promos instead of stiff poses, creating more relaxed photos. Plus, it's just way more fun! Not to mention, when the giggles come out from goofing around during the prompts, you get the BEST photos! They feel silly but I promise, they look amazing! Don't get me wrong though, I can be serious and efficient when directions photos as well...especially with those groomsmen on your wedding day. ;)



“Not only did Lauren make me feel so comfortable and beautiful when taking pictures with my best friend, but the pictures turned out so incredible, my family and I still use them to this day. She made me feel like a natural and made something so special out of just a day at the beach. If she was this amazing in the beginning of 2021 I cannot even imagine where she will go in the future! Still so grateful for my opportunity to shoot with her and I recommend her to everyone no matter what your occasion is!”

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